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?For those with a passion for high quality race machines.

?'Explore our premium range'

At KTM we have an extensive list of READY TO RACE machines, from adventure-oriented tourers to high performance street bikes as well as countless dirt shredding motorcycles with various engine outputs. Our entire range is built using the highest quality, premium components - making us the market leaders within various motorcycle segments.

Whatever it is you're looking for, KTM has the perfect ride for you. Head over to the KTM site to view the entire range. From class leading dirt bikes to frighteningly fast street bikes, we've got it all.

Race proven

KTM consistently strives for perfection and this has ultimately led to achieving highly satisfactory results. Each of our ranges has been 100% race proven. 


World Championship

Titles up

to now


Number of

Wins at the Dakar

Rally in a row


Europe's biggest




most successful


Out on your bike, looking ahead and in the zone -
nothing else matters.

Every single KTM showcases the PURITY of design and uncompromising function that defines the
pure READY TO RACE mentality. – Ryan Dungey



?To succeed in the high-pressure world of Supercross, it is often not about more, but about less - discarding everything irrelevant to success. Removing all that clouds, distracts or obstructs my goal of victory – on and off the track. In the chaos of the race, being able to stay calm and focused on the end goal is critical to being fast, consistent and enduring not just each race, but a whole championship season. It is the same approach the entire KTM team applies to building each motorcycle – with a specific focus on delivering an uncompromised and pure riding experience


?True ‘performance’ is more than just a word. It is what makes motorcycling real to the rider. Modern motorcycles are full of many ‘nice to have’ features and gadgets, but these are irrelevant if a motorcycle does not deliver totally on performance. Performance stands above all else at KTM. We believe the riding experience should be thrilling, but it should feel effortless at the same time. Creating this level of exceptional performance in every motorcycle requires an obsessive attention to detail in all areas of our business – and drives every member of the KTM family to perform at the absolute highest level possible. 


?The Dakar Rally is the toughest race of all. Everything is tested to its very limits, every day (and night), non-stop for 17 days and over 15 000 km! It is more than a race, it is the ultimate adventure - a true challenge for the bike, body and support crew. Each day holds unknown surprises, twists and turns for the entire team. Success is impossible without every one of our team giving 100% no matter what is thrown in front of us. KTM have been to the edge and back, winning the Dakar Rally for 1% years straight. With an unquenchable sense of adventure the KTM team truly lives the READY TO RACE motto!


?I rode my first extreme enduro because I wanted to give myself an EXTREME challenge unlike any I had experienced. Luckily it went ok and I won my first Erzberg Enduro as an unknown Polish kid. That doesn’t mean this sport is easy though. To keep my edge I go to my limits and beyond every time I step onto the race track. Success is never assured. As part of the KTM factory team, the knowledge, technology and experience developed from continually pushing ourselves and our equipment to the very limits - sets us apart from all other manufacturers. This extreme mentality keeps us chasing success, always looking ahead, always wanting more.

This commitment to living at extremes ensures every KTM is always READY TO RACE.

KTM is partner of the EU co-founded RESOLVE project

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The abbreviation RESOLVE stands for Range of Electric SOlutions for L-category VEhicles. RESOLVE is a EU project which is co-founded by the European Commission under the European Green Vehicle initiative call H2020-GV-2014 (Electric two-wheelers and new light vehicle concepts). The project, that was started on May 1, 2015, consists of a strong and well-balanced consortium made of 14 partners and lasts 36 months.