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KTM is partner of the EU co-founded RESOLVE project

KTM is partner of the EU co-founded RESOLVE project

The abbreviation RESOLVE stands for Range of Electric SOlutions for L-category VEhicles. RESOLVE is an EU project co-founded by the European Commission under the European Green Vehicle initiative call H2020-GV-2014 (Electric two-wheelers and new light vehicle concepts). The project that started on May 1, 2015, consists of a strong and well-balanced consortium of 14 partners and lasts 36 months.

As the biggest European sportmotorcycle manufacturer, KTM is committed to promoting innovation, development and new technologies. The RESOLVE project is therefore considered an interesting and worthwhile field of activity.

RESOLVE is aimed at making ELVs a practical alternative to cars and encouraging commuters to switch to narrow-track ELVs. Future mobility scenarios for EU urban areas see a modal shift in personal mobility from family cars to lighter, smaller and more environmentally friendly alternatives. Besides walking and cycling, these alternatives include a growing range of (electric) L-category vehicles (ELVs and LVs). Therefore, urban policies should encourage the adoption of LVs and ELVs, currently slowed down by the limiting factors costs, energy efficiency, attractiveness and the rider′s willingness to use.

Led by two of the largest light vehicle manufacturers in Europe and complemented by top components suppliers, universities and research institutes, RESOLVE will develop strategies to accomplish the objectives helping remove the limiting factors and will thereby make a valuable contribution to reducing overall urban traffic congestion, cutting commuting time and easing parking.

The RESOLVE consortium is in a good position to achieve these ambitious objectives, as together, the partners cover the majority of the EU LV industry and can have an impact on energy consumption, net global emissions, journey time and traffic congestion, European economy and employment, consumer satisfaction and traffic safety.

RESOLVE uses a holistic approach to explore solutions, culminating in two demonstration vehicles that will show the advances to state-of-the-art and could form a basis for attractive commercial ELV propositions.

More information on the project can be found at http://www.resolve-project.eu/